World Box Mod APK Latest v0.22.21 (Everything Unlocked) 2024

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World Box Mod APK



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Would you like to control and enjoy everything around you the way you want? Then this game is surely for you. WorldBox is a different kind of game which gives you a feeling of control of your imaginary world. You can build and destroy the world of the game according to your will. This game can give you a vibe of ruling the world by controlling temperature, planet’s topography and population.

What is the world box mod APK?

If you love to explore everything, then WorldBox is gonna give you wonderful feelings of amusement. The APK version of this game has the option of free shopping and premium versions of everything are unlocked which will increase your experience of playing this game. 

Additional Information about World Box 

Features of World Box 

These are some interesting features of WorldBox. Read it thoroughly to know more about your favorite game. Furthermore, if you are looking for another simulation game you can check out this and give it a go. 

Create World and Magical Powers

In WorldBox, you have this superpower of changing the direction of oceans, climate of continents and can add deserts and forests wherever you want. You are gonna see the rise and fall of kingdoms, civilizations and cities 

Multiplayer Mode

Friends have this unique ability of increasing the quality of your experiences to 100x. For this, WorldBox gives you the option of multiplayer mode so you can indulge in this adventure with your friends. 

Add Life to Your World

You can create people, plants and animals. You can even mold their personalities the way you want them to act or react. You can give your pets some superpowers and you can directly impact the peace of your world.


While enjoying this game, you will certainly play like you are the ruler of this world who can decide the destiny of the citizens of your world. You can reward your friends and followers with miracles 

Mod APK features of World Box Mod APK

Spare some time and read about wonderful Mod APK features of WorldBox.

Free shopping

You have another greatest reward in the Mod APK version of the game, which is free shopping. You are not gonna face any limitations because you have access to an unlimited amount of items, materials and resources. 

Ads Free

No, there’s no annoying ads to disturb you and ruin your mood. You can play freely without being disturbed.

Premium Unlocked

You have huge power because of all the premiums unlocked. You can use it the way you want. You can destroy and rebuild the realms of the game according to your interests.

Get all the features unlocked

You have way too much freedom by having all the features unlocked. Awake your inner self which wants to rule the world and play this game and enjoy all the uncertainty and power.

How to download World box APK on Android?

  • You can easily download the WorldBox Mod APK on Android. Follow the given instructions:
  • Open your phone settings. Go to privacy and enable the option of <install from unknown source>
  • Press on this given file. It will start downloading instantly.
  • Now click on the file and it will be installed.
  • Now enjoy your game.


Yes, you can play by using an emulator.

No, the WorldBox Mod APK is not available for iOS.

Yes, This APK has no virus and is safe to use for every age group.

Yes, delete the modded version and then you can download the original WorldBox.


WorldBox is a game where you can mold your world according to your interests. We all have our imaginary worlds where everything works as we want it to work. This game gives opportunity to all of us to experience where we can experience that the world is actually revolving around us. The Mod APK version has all the premium features unlocked which help us to design and build our world. You can create animals, humans and plants and can give magical powers to your pet.

Download this game and enjoy all the adventures and we’d love to hear about your experience of leading the world.

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