Alight Motion Mod Apk (Full Unlocked+No Watermark)

Alight Motion Mod Apk

Alight motion mod apk is a very excellent video and animation editing app. It is beneficial for both Android and iOS devices. Alight motion pro apk is available for the beginner who wants to start a career in video animation, video clips from a personal cell phone, crafting professional videos, and more. It is a professional graphics design tool that is free to use. This tool has a voiceover option and is the best one because you can directly record audio from video.

Furthermore, the Alight motion app quickly allows animation editing and offers various advantages. If you need more knowledge of video editing, it will ultimately help you. It is also known as a video editor. With Alight Motion Free, you can easily make videos or mask alight motion on your Android phone. This app is made for both professional and beginner users. If a user wants graphics design to look fantastic so can download the Alight motion app.

Additional Information

NameAlight Motion
Latest version    v4.4.10 + Latest
Updated6 Hours Ago
Mod  No watermark, Unlocked
CategoryVideo Editing
Price   Free

Features Of Alight Motion Mod APK


Keyframe Animation

Keyframe Animation is a top-rated and the most exciting feature of ALight motion. You can easily edit the video frame by frame because the video has proceeded in various forms. You can add or edit custom single frames or multiple during the editing time. This latest feature of Alight motion helps you edit your different videos. You can easily add text, emojis, and more in the using layer option. Pick from several to-be-had elements, function them onto the gadgets and take complete management of animation pix.

Blending Modes

Blending mode is your best desire if you want to feature various layers and modify them. Alight motion mod gives you to apply different blending modes in motion pictures. Helps you with all one-of-a-kind blending modes anywhere inside the video. The smooth adjustment and layer opacity offer you to edit the video in step with your choice. In short, you can pick among several blending modes on your video. Not just a few, but you can choose among countless alternatives available within the Alight movement top-class MOD itself.

Stylish Fonts

Including textual content is essential to make the video more enjoyable when you want the target audience to get the message. The Aligh motion app has built-in fonts to add to the video in the layer. You can quickly animate the text and make more look incredible and attractive. But it would help if you imported them using the import fonts option.

No Ads 

The first and maximum first-rate characteristic of the Alight Motion Free is that this app will offer you 100% unfastened enjoyment freed from value because nobody likes leisure and innovative work interruption. The first-class component is you should refrain from disabling advertisements because, through this app, The advertisements will mechanically get prohibited through the appโ€™s backend.

Easy To Use

Alight motionโ€™s latest version is a straightforward app and easy to use. It is a motion graphics designer app on the internet. Download alight motion app has various features for the edit videos.

What’s Users Like

  • The alight Motion app is user-friendly and very easier to use.
  • Enjoy fluid animations here that are not found in other smartphone apps.
  • You can save your favourite element for future use.
  • This app has good customer support.

Frequently Asked Question

Alight motion is a straightforward app. It is best for both professional and beginners user. If you want to make a video editing carrier, it will help you immediately.

Yes, this app is fantastic and free to use. You can install Alight motion for free because it is a free app on the Google play store. You can enjoy the latest version of Alight motion without any fee.

You can easily export files anywhere because Alight motion supports XML files.


Alight motion mod apk is a top-rated video editing and animation graphics. It creates high-quality content for the user. The available tools are enough to meet all your needs. This tool ultimately helps you, and it does not matter if you are a starter or an expert in video editing.