Fnaf ar Mod Apk v16.10 Download Android (Unlocked) 2024 

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Five Night at Freddys Ar



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185 MB

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One Day Ago

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Goal is to run from the monsters hunting you down in Fight Night At Freddy’s AR. This chapter of Fnaf comes with new features and story. It’s not easy to complete this horror game which isn’t made for everybody. However, fnaf ar mod apk is your go to help for completing the game. Download now to explore the horror world of Fnaf Ar. 

About Fnaf Ar

This version of the game series “Fight Night At Freddys,” provides a thrilling experience for users on all platforms. The technology in this game is made to make every player’s experience unique, in Fnaf Ar, events are staged and make the environment hard to survive. 

This game is very unpredictable because you will confront glitched out animatronics, and it will be hard for you to know where they are. Sometimes your glitch will screen and much more can happen. You need to be very attentive while playing the game, and get the idea where the animatronics are by his voice and footsteps. 

There are endless animatronics that you need to confront in order to survive but how long can you keep up and what things do you need to survive? In Fnaf Ar you have very limited access to resources such as flashlight, batteries and you must use them wisely. Discover more about Fnaf Ar upon reading the article and also check out Fnaf 3 apk

Additional Information About Fnaf Ar

NameFive Nights at Freddy’s AR
Latest Version16.10
Developed byIllumix
Size185 MB
Get it onGoogle Play Store
Rated for12+
Android Required9.0+

Features of Fnaf ar

Animation and Characters 

Characters and their animation in Fnaf ar is on another level, something which you cannot find very often. The amount of detail in every character in Fnaf ar is very deep, that provides you an extremely unique and nerve racking experience, which makes your time in this horror game worth spending.  

Multiplayer Mode

In Fnaf ar there is also a multiplayer mode, allowing you to play with your friends, and kill all monsters together. You can create your own monster and then defeat them with the help of other users or your friends. 


Fnaf Ar takes place in the Fazbear Entertainment building, and you subscribe to a service and animators come to entertain you. However, suddenly there is a change of events that makes you need to fight for your life. There is a malfunction with the animators, and then you cannot see them and you need to spot them as soon as possible using your camera and hearing their voices, and beat them as soon as possible. There will be a lot of animators for you to fight with and robotic horrors, but will you be able to survive with the limited tools? Download Fnaf Ar mod APK and find out now!


Sound and the track is just chill giving, and with the animations and every animator having his own voice, it just gives the perfect vibe. Fnaf ar is your perfect horror game to be played on mobile, the features it has the graphics and animations and even being able to play with friends.


Best thing about this game is you do not have to just rely on the same thing. Fnaf ar have challenges that provide you rewards upon completing and keep you hooked to the game.

Features of Fnaf ar Mod APK

Fnaf ar have great features which makes it a fun game, but it is still a bit hard to progress through epically if you cannot give the game much time, which is  why there is a Mod APK version called “Fnaf ar Mod APK” which makes your life easier. See the main feature of it below.

Unlimited Battery 

In Fnaf ar normal version you have limited access to the battery, and a lot of your game rely on the battery. However with the modified version you do not have to worry about battery because you have unlimited battery in this special version.

No Restrictions 

No more being annoyed by restrictions in the Fnaf ar with the modified version. Whether you want to access some places, tools, premium stuff with the modified version you can without a worry.

How to Download Fnaf ar Mod APK on Android?

Downloading Fnaf ar is simple just follow the steps given below to download the latest 2024 APK version of Fnaf ar. Also below, make sure you have enabled downloads from “Unknown Sources.”

  • Tap on the download button given in this article above to download the Fnaf ar file.
  • Next go to your download file section in your device and tap on Fnaf ar file.
  • Now, tap on “Install” and wait till the process is done.
  • Lastly, just go to your home screen and tap on the Fnaf ar game icon and follow the in game instructions.


Fnaf ar is a free game, however, there may be in-game items that you have to pay for.

Fnaf ar cannot be played offline, you must be connected to the internet in order to play.

No, it is not possible to play the Fnaf ar APK version on IOS.

Yes, the APK version of Fnaf ar is safe to download, as long as you download from a safe and secure website. You can rely on us to always provide you with the latest safe version of APK.


Fnaf Ar, a game out of Fight Night At Freddy’s franchise is one of the most unique horror games you can find on mobile platforms such as iPhone and Android. You get to experience the unpredictable and survive till your last try. The animations, characters, sound and all its features perfectly blend together and provide you with the worth remembering time. You can also download Fnaf ar Mod APK latest version and make your time in Fnaf ar easier, better and enhanced. 

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