How To Masking On Alight Motion

How To Masking On Alight Motion (Guide To Use)

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How To Masking On Alight Motion App? Complete Guide For Beginners

How To Do Masking On Alight Motion? Masking is a great feature of the Alight motion application. It allows you to duplicate, reveal, hide, or modified in the video as you wish. Alight Motion is a great video editing feature on Android and iOS devices. Masking is an excellent technique to blend two pieces of image, video, text, etc. The main benefit of masking is to develop focused videos to clear your editing skills. Even, you can be masking alight motion pc also for free of cost. Masking is an integral part of the Alight motion app. It allows you to look at your video more attractive and eye-capturing. Masking can be used for various purposes, such as isolating a moving object or blurring out a person’s face.

  • First of all, install the Alight Motion app on your Android mobile.
  • You may add the background photograph after you have configured the heritage you need.
  • You can add the layer that you wish to be masked, maybe a video.
  • Add the layer you’d like to make use of as a mask now. Don’t get stressed by way of the phrases “to be masked” and “as a mask.” Any text, image, or video may be used right here.
  • Apply the mask on the next try in the procedure.
  • To add a second layer, choose the first two layers after which click on the “layers” button inside the bottom left corner of the display screen.
  • Choose “Create Masking Group” which appears top right corner of the screen.
  • Congratulations! The Mask has been added to the Alight motion application

Frequently Asked Question

If the user wants to be behind the part of any image, then masking is an essential element for you. It allows the user can be modified the background colour of the object.

Yes, users can mask the video through the Alight Motion app. You can easily add Either vector or bitmap masks to your videos.

Many editing applications are available on the internet, but Alight Motion is the best choice. In this video editing tool, a mask option is available. Through this tool, you get reliable and unique videos.


How to do Masking on Alight motion? It is effortless in the Alight motion. It has various features for video editing, and professional and beginner users can easily use it. Masking is the best opportunity to change the video with a graceful function. Users can be Alight motion Masking on Android, iOS, Pc etc. 

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