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Additional Information Rooter App

App NameRooter: Watch Gaming And Earn
Category Sports
Android Required4.4+
Size 150 MB
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About Rooter Coin Adder

Rooter coin adder is one of the most amazing live-streaming app, and Rooter is used by millions. Rooter APK gives you access to various features, which you can never get bored of. With Rooter, you can get a lot of popularity around the world, and get different rewards. With Rooter you also can win unlimited money and rewards. 

Rooter coin app is your go-to app for live streaming games, especially if you want to see and play different games and learn different tips, and advice for winning. Rooter APK can be the best platform for you. Furthermore, you can easily watch live streaming on your Android device or even PC! The only thing you need to do to achieve this is to download this app and make an account so that you can publish yourself in the world.

Rooter Coin Adder

Features Of Rooter Coin Generator

Some of the unique features of Rooter coin adder mod apk unlimited money and coins can be seen below.


First of all, Rooter APK comes with an amazing feature which is no ads. While using this app you will not be disturbed by any annoying ads!

Unlimited Coins

With the regular version of the Rooter app, you have a very limited amount of coins and there is nothing much you can do with them. However, with the Rooter coin app, you have access to unlimited coins, this means you do not have to put all your time into getting coins and have unlimited coins for free.

Redeem Coins

With the rooter APK version, you can redeem whatever you want for free. You will have multiple options to choose from after redeeming your coins. These options can be, unlocking any character you want or a new skin and more.

Free to Download

Finally, the best thing about rooter coin adder is that you do not have to pay for it. You can download the app for totally free and take advantage of several features not available in the regular version.

What Is Rooter Mod Apk?

Rooter Mod APK is a platform used for live-streaming games. Most people out there are using this platform for online game streaming. Let’s suppose you are a pro player in any game, then this app is best for you. Rooter allows you to stream games like PUBG, Free Fire, Fortnite, and more. Moreover, you can also make money through platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch, through this app, because you gain followers easily. Rooter APK is a free app and is best for you if you want to grow your YouTube channel. The app is fully supported and helps grow and benefit your channel.

Frequently Asked Question

The app is working nowadays on all Android devices without any problem. So you can easily download this app on Android devices.

Yes, the app is compatible with all Android versions from 4.0 onwards.

No, you cannot download the Remixlive Modified version on IOS, however, you can use the regular version on IOS by downloading it from the App Store.

No, you cannot download rooter apk on IOS because on IOS apk files are not supported. 

You can watch many games live on Rooter coin adder such as, DLS 19, Project QT, and some other games such as Lovecraft Locker, and even more like Fnaf Ar, Bit Life, Dragn City. You can watch many games on Rooter and earn money.


Rooter APK mod is a great live-streaming app for gamers and even other users. You can watch your favorite game without any problems. You can download the mod version from the official website, and get access to Premium features. These features include unlimited coins, unlimited money, and unlimited rewards. Moreover, the Rooter coin adder app is very easy to use and interactive. Users can use the app without paying any money and enjoy all the features. Rooter is a very smooth and fast app and doesn’t require much storage.

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