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BGMI is a battle royale game where you need to develop strategies to survive and become the last person on the battlefield. BGMI is the Indian version on the famous game PUBG. Players can compete with each other in multiple game modes, and it also offers solo, duo, and squad modes, you can play with your friends or alone.

You need to defeat enemies in BGMI, and that can be tricky at times if you are not extremely skilled or have a good device. However, you do not need to worry because there is BGMI Hack Mod APK, which gives you access to wallhack, aimbot, and much more, which you can discover upon reading this article.

Furthermore, BGMI has custom skins such as guns, outfits, cars, etc. You can get these skins by purchasing UC in the game and then trying your luck to get these items that enhance your experience. 

About BGMI Hack Mod APK

As you know, in a battle royale, you must survive and be the last team or person to win. But at times, it gets boring, and you want something that makes the game more fun for you, such as a modified version with all the features in it.

BGMI Hack Mod APK makes your wishes true of seeing beyond the wallhack, aimbot, no recoil, esp hack to find other players. That is not all; this app is created by professional coders such as people who created WhatsApp plus, and this game is now played my many Worldwide.

BGMI Hack Apk

Features Of Bgmi Hack Mod Apk

We all know what same features we can find in a popular battle royale game but never wondered about the modified version of a battle game. You don’t need to worry about what features you can expect in the game because we made a list for you, which you can check out below.

BGMI Wall Hack

This version of BGMI supports the wallhack function. Users can enjoy the BGMI platform. If the user does not use it multiple times, the user will be automatically locked out. You use only the wallhack function.

Unlimited UC

Yes, in the Battleground Mobile India Mod APK, users will get unlimited UC of this BGMI hack. Using this UC, you can easily buy premium things such as guns skins, cars, mythic outfits, royale pass and more. 

BGMI Aimbot Hack

Aimbot is a very modern version of a video game that detects the automatic enemy and kills them. It is unique and suitable for weapons and not good for grenades. It very quickly detects your enemy and helps you kill them.

No Recoil Hack

If you cannot control recoil of your gun in BGMI, no need to worry because the no recoil hack version with help you out. It will make the recoil of your gun 0% and you can spray on enemy from a long distance without any problem.

Bullet Tracking

This Bullet Hack is remarkable, enabling you to see the trajectory of the bullet. Its exciting function will allow it to take rapid action on the enemy.

How To BGMI Hack App Download

  • First, you download BGMI Hack APK file and choose your device.
  • When you click on the ”Start Hacking Button” the mod will start working.
  • After the mod is done, the user can gain  UC for free and enjoy this unlimited time.
  • When you complete the download procedure, you need to install the APK file.

Permission Need By BGMI Hack Apk

To use the ultimate BGMI mobile Hack version, you will have to give access to some permissions; otherwise, it will not work, and you may face multiple problems. You can see the permissions required by the BGMI hack APK below.

  • Permission Storage.
  • Cellphone Permission
  • Other app permission over the display.
  • Access to the Internet must.

Additional Features of BGMI

  • Easy to Use.
  • Very large player base.
  • High-Quality Graphics.
  • The original version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • Ability to earn real money by competing in tournaments and such.

BGMI Login Keys

If you log in firstly into your BGMI Mod. First of all, it will ask key for a single login.

BGMI  APK Login KeyKey Time Validity
efjBiGGwx8dwfw  1-Day Login Key
Fwjebfeubxhue83r81-Day Login Key
hjvdwyyfXwfw83   1-Day Login Key
rnuohFY9c7x79g4e  1-Day Login Key
FwuigiuX9w77fw3  1-Day Login Key
ajhjFyhbxhaUw7gg   1-Day Login Key
LOjnmjwX907h9   7-Day Login Key
Iuftfbuyyxg778bdf    7-Day Login Key
Aevtw7ynowwef   7-Day Login Key
OqpywtnX7b8dw                                              7-Day Login Key
BDryuw*7nt7w 7-Day Login Key
UFTFU%&^6nuiv61 Month Login Key
LOOL&DAYS!@     1 Month Login Key
etycfrdyebySTHo6  1 Month Login Key
7DYSAYFMdwhg     1 Month Login Key
WYRDRjryt67rvu6   Full Season Login Key

Frequently Asked Question

No, you cannot get the BGMI apk from the Google Play Store. However, you can get the original version of the game.

Yes, the BGMI app is free to use on Android device and even on IOS.

No, unfortunately, the APK version of BGMI cannot be played on IOS; however, you can download the original version for the app store and play that.

The download size may depend on your device but it is usually around 750 MB. However, there are additional resources that you need to download when the game is installed, and that can take up to 5 GB.


BGMII is the most played and advanced battle royale game available in 2024. You can play with your friends, family or even solo in this game. Moreover, the game is very exciting and easy to play because of the features it offers and because of the team behind the game. In this game, you also have custom stuff that you can get with UC. Furthermore, you can download the BGMI Hack Mod APK hack version of BGMI, which gives you access to unlimited UC, aimbot, bullet tracking, and much more.

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