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You wake up from a dream and must deal with thousands of zombies. In survivor, your goal is to defeat all the zombies and help Earth not go extinct to these creatures. The virus of zombies is the biggest challenge to go through, especially because there are only a few survivors in the world and you are one of them. Download Survivor io and enjoy this amazing RPG game with the Survivor io Mod APK to make your tasks easier, read further to discover more or upon downloading. 

What is Survivor Io Mod APK?

Survivor io Mod APK is the modified version of the normal version of Survivor io. In this mod version, you have access to many features that help you on your journey of defeating zombies. You can expect unlimited skills, money, ammo, and more upon downloading. Survivor io is one of the most addicting zombie games and maybe even more than BMGI.

Additional Information about Survivor IO

NameSurvivor IO
Latest Version2.4.2
Android Required5.0+
Rated For10+
Get it onGoogle Play Store
Mod FeatureUnlimited ammo, money, gems, and more

Features of Survivor io

Train Your Character

To defeat all the zombies you need to be strong and that is why this game offers you a feature of training your character. There will be a menu in the game, from which you can access various options and give your character boosts.

Good Graphics and Sound

Survivor io comes with great graphics and sound quality. While playing this game you don’t have to worry about a bad experience from sound or the quality. 

A lot of Levels 

With survivor io you can expect to be not bored because there are various levels for you to go through. Not just that each level has its own special and unique rewards which you get upon completing the level and can help you progress faster.

Bosses and Zombies to Deafeat 

Killing zombies is not the only thing in this game that you need to do. Because there are bosses in this game that you have to defeat, these bosses can be very powerful with magic powers and can even spawn hundreds of zombies. Be careful or they will take you down very easily. 

Playable Solos and with Team

This game has a feature to let you play with friends and team up with them in order to have a more fun and enjoyable time. You can either go alone and battle with the zombies or take a team, choice is yours.

Weapons and Skills 

There are various weapons and skills in this game that you can collect and power through all the zombies and bosses. Some of these skills and weapons are katana, kunai, Gatling, and many more that you can discover upon downloading the game. 

Survivor io

Features of Survivor io Mod APK

Unlimited Skills

In the regular version, you have to unlock skills one by one and it’s a long and slow process. However, with the mod version, you can expect every skill to be already unlocked from the beginning and help you win the game faster.

Unlimited Money

Not just skills this game also offers you unlimited money and gems. You can use these resources to buy items in the shop such as weapons and upgrade them as much as you want.

No Reload

Reload can be very annoying and frustrating to deal with when you are fighting with zombies because it wastes so much time. But with the mod version, you can fire as long as you want without even worrying about the reload.

Unlimited Ammo

With the no reload option in survivor io mod APK, there is also an unlimited ammo feature. So with this commo whatever gun you use, you can fire it forever and won’t have to worry about either the reload or ammo.

No Ads

Maybe the best part of the mod version of Survivor io is that you do not have to deal with ads. Ads can be very annoying but with the mod version, you never have to worry about them.

survivor io

How to Download Survivor io APK?

  • First, go to your device and turn on downloads from “Unknown Sources.”
  • Now, download the survivor io file from above.
  • Next, go to your phone settings and tap on the downloads section. 
  • Lastly, tap on “Install,” wait a couple of seconds go to your home screen tap on the Survivor io game icon, and enjoy!


Yes, you can play Survivor IO on iPhone, if you download it from an official source such as App Store, however, you cannot play the APK version on iPhone.

Survivor io is not really a horror game because it is rated for 10+, so mostly everyone can enjoy it.

You can update Survivor io the the latest version by going to Play Store and updating it that way, and for the APK version just come to our website and download the latest version.


With Survivor io discover a journey unlike any other, this game offers you a chance to fight zombies and know what post-apocalyptic world can be like. You can play solo or either friends, the choice is yours. This game offers you various features to make it enjoyable for you and with Survivor io mod apk you can enhance that experience by downloading the latest version from this article.

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