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Castle of Temptation APK is an amazing game that revolves around adventure. It also has enticing elements that can impact your decision making. In the game, there’s a young boy who loves to do challenges. He wanders in the castle to collect treasures but he has to face many challenges. 

Moreover, Graphics of the game are amazing and the story is very unclear but it is a good thing. These things make you engage in a game.

What is the Castle of Temptation?

Castle of Temptation is a game in which a boy wanders around in the dark corridors of Castle. There are many monsters and distractions ready to make your journey difficult, when you try to collect hidden treasures.

You will find that this game has very eye-catching visuals and keeps you excited  while playing the game. There are many secrets and challenges waiting for you in the Castle of Temptation. You Will going to enjoy it because the atmosphere of the environment is dark which makes it more mysterious.

Additional Information about Castle of Temptation 

NameCastle of Temptation APK
Latest Version 1.0
Developed byKaib LDT INC
Size46.8 MB
Android Requirement4.5+
Castle of Temptation

Features of Castle of Temptation 

High-Quality Graphics 

The 2D graphics of the game is worth mentioning. Quality of graphics is up to the mark. The architecture, lighting and surroundings are very pleasing to the eye. The characters feel so real because of the animations. All of this will definitely increase the enjoyment of your experience.

Multiple Endings

What you choose to do in the game directly impacts your ending in the game. If you want to replay a level, choose alternate actions. In this way, you can explore the game. This feature of castle of temptation is a bit similar to bit life.

Boss Fights

Castle of Temptation includes boss fights. Every boss battle comes up with different scenes. The game has all levels of battles from easy to difficult. If you are a beginner, easy levels will give you some experience.


Through riddles, you can decide somehow if you have problem-solving skills. The complexity of the riddles increase as you progress in the game. It will get difficult but you can solve it by thinking strategically. 

Challenges and Rewards

A game must have challenges and rewards to keep the players entertained. So, castle of Temptation has rewards and you can use gems and coins to unlock bonus levels.

Easy to Understand and Smooth User Experience 

Interface is very easy to use. Characters move very smoothly which makes your experience better ultimately. No matter what you are using, like a mouse or keyboard, you can easily move around in the surroundings. 

Castle of Temptation

Pros and Cons of Castle of Temptation 


  • Even if you are a beginner, the interface is very easy to use.
  • Quality of graphics is top tier.
  • Unexpected storyline which unfolds unknown Visuals


  • Game contains some enticing visuals which can impact badly on young minds.
  • Weird kinds of ads can ruin your mood.
  • Game is not updated regularly and the repetitive content can make you bored.

How to Download Castle of Temptation Apk on Android 

Follow these given instructions for downloading the Apk file.

  • Enable Unknown source Installation of your phone. Go to settings > security > unknown source Installation > On 
  • Click on the given link. The app will start downloading.
  • When the app will be downloaded, click on it to install. It will take only one minute and then you can enjoy your game.


Yes, Castle of Temptation is entirely free. You do not need to pay any subscription fee to play.

No, all our APKs are virus free. There’s no hidden viruses in these files.

No, you cannot play Castle of Temptation on IOS, however, you can download it from offical and then play.


This game is full of adventure because of its unclear storyline and multiple endings. You can choose different characters according to your preference. If you want to level up in the game, you have to solve the puzzles and riddles. Your graph of entertainment keeps rising while playing castle of temptation APK.

Moreover, from youngsters to adults, everyone can enjoy this game because of its features. You can play it with your friends so that it can be easier for you to fight powerful monsters. 

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