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Fouad WhatsApp



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Better security and access to custom features, allowing you to do whatever you want—who doesn’t want that? Fouad WhatsApp APK provides you with exactly what you need, not just that. It constantly gets updated, so you can always be kept up to date, and you can always rely on us to provide you with the latest version.

Introduction to Fouad WhatsApp What is it?

Fouad WhatsApp is a modified version of your normal WhatsApp, with many features and better security. Fouad WhatsApp offers you a smooth user experience and unique features that cannot be found elsewhere. The FMWA team created Fouad WhatsApp, making it one of the best creations. Fouad WhatsApp gained popularity quickly and is now downloaded by millions monthly! If you are looking for a similar WhatsApp version you can check out this article.

Fouad WhatsApp APK Features

Features are one thing you look for, especially in a version that is better than the original. Fouad WhatsApp has loads of features that can make your daily tasks easier and save you a lot of time and a bit of headache.


Fonts: Fouad WhatsApp gives you the ability to get rid of the boring default font and choose the one you love.

Customizable action bar: You can give the action bar on the home screen and chat screen whatever style or color you want. Not just that, you can customize your notifications and the icon of the app too!

Different delivery styles: With Fouad WhatsApp, give whatever style you like to your delivered icon, or “tick.”

Privacy and security

One of the best features you can get in any social media app is good privacy and security. With Fouad WhatsApp, you don’t have to worry about your privacy and security because it

  • Ability to hide your blue ticks.
  • Hiding your typing.
  • Hide your blue microphone.
  • Hide your second tick.
  • Choose who can call you.
  • Hide your viewing status.
  • Anti-Delete status: When turned on, someone else’s status will be available to you even if the owner deletes it.
  • Anti-Delete messages: When someone sends you a message and deletes it, it won’t be deleted for you.

Simplified Functionality

Manage multiple conversations at once by swiping right or left!

Disable forwarding messages; when turned on, no one can forward your messages to somebody else!

Fouad WhatsApp gives you the ability to auto-reply, prearrange your messages, and let others know when you are available!

Fouad Themes

A built-in feature in Fouad WhatsApp, that lets you download custom themes and use them for free, at no cost whatsoever, and as of right now, there are more than 50 free themes available for you to choose from.

Change Log

Fouad WhatsApp offers you regular updates to make the experience as smooth as possible and always tries to provide you with better features. The main feature of Fouad WhatsApp is its customization, and whenever there are more customs items released, Fouad WhatsApp will have a changelog ready for you so you are aware of it ASAP and can take advantage of it.


The great thing about Fouad WhatsApp is that you won’t get banned for using it. Anti-ban usually means a person getting banned for using a third-party application, but that isn’t the case with Fouad WhatsApp, so you do not have to worry about it.

Do Not Disturb Mode

DND a great feature is Fouad WhatsApp that let’s gives you a smooth a quiet environment. While turned on it will mute all upcoming messages and calls. Helping you focus on one thing without getting distracted by calls and messages.

App Lock

In regular WhatsApp, you have to go to mobile settings or download some kind of locker to use the app lock. But Fouad WhatsApp has its built-in app lock, which you can use at any time you want.

Regular WhatsApp vs Fouad WhatsApp 

FeaturesRegular WhatsAppFouad WhastApp
Download Other’s Status NoYes
Hide Status, Seen, and RecordingLimitedYes
Fonts and ThemesLimited fonts and themesLive Broadcast
View deleted messagesNoYes
Video length 256 Contacts 1024 Contacts
Media file size16 MB1 G
Sharing videos or Images limit30 at once90 at once
Fouad WhatsApp30 seconds 5 minutes
Pinning Chats3100
DND ModeNoYes
Group members size256600
Change your App IconNoYes

How to Download Fouad WhatsApp APK Without Losing Old Messages?

Downloading Fouad WhatsApp can be a bit tricky. While also keeping old messages because, like regular WhatsApp, which you can just download from the Play Store, the case isn’t the same with Fouad WhatsApp APK.

But no need to worry because this article has got you covered with everything, and yes, that includes how to download Fouad WhatsApp. Follow the steps given below.

Step 1:

First, do not uninstall the regular WhatsApp, and go to your Android phone settings and turn on “Downloads from Unknown Sources.”

Download Faud WhatsApp

Step 2:

Visit your download manager and tap on the recently downloaded Fouad WhatsApp.

Step 3:

Now, tap on the “Install” option and wait a few minutes. Once installed, tap “Done” and exit the page.

Install Fouad WhatsApp

Step 4:

Now launch Fouad WhatsApp by simply tapping on the icon. Once launched, tap on “Agree and Continue.”

Step 5:

Below the “Enter your number box,” you will see “Copy WhatsApp Data.” Simply tap that, and it will copy your regular WhatsApp chats, settings, and profile picture.

Copy WhatsApp Data

Step 6:

Enter your phone number, and then enter the OPTP code to verify. Once verified, you will have the option to backup data, but you can just skip that because we already copied everything before.

Step 7: You are done! Now just put your profile name and picture and tap “Continue.” After a couple of seconds, you will be directed to the Fouad WhatsApp homepage.

Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version Download

Getting the latest version of app is important because it comes with bug fixes, new features and many more improvements. Below is the link for you to download Fouad WhatsApp 2024 latest version along with a table contaning additional information.

NameFouad WhatsApp
Size 75 MB
UpdatedOne day ago
DeveloperFouad Mods
Android Required 5.0 and up
Download Fouad


Yes, Fouad WhatsApp is completely safe for you to use, and it even provides you with additional features that can help you stay safe.

No, unfortunately, you cannot use Fouad WhatsApp on iOS.

No, you do not have to pay for Fouad WhatsApp; it is completely free to use. However, if you want to, you can support Fouad WhatsApp through Fouad credits.

Yes, you can download photos, videos, or anything else you want on Fouad WhatsApp.

You can transfer all your data from regular WhatsApp to Fouad WhatsApp with just a few simple steps. Which are explained in this article.


Fouad WhatsApp APK provides you with features that are not available in regular WhatsApp. In Fouad WhatsApp, you can customize pretty much everything you want; it has its own app lock, themes, advanced security, and privacy measures, and overall a smooth user experience. It is also easy to download, and you can also transfer data from regular WhatsApp to Fouad WhatsApp.

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